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When I was fourteen, my mom gave me my first camera. It was all uphill from there! She used to be a hobbyist photographer, and told me she had always dreamed of making that passion into her profession. I took that as a challenge: to continue in her footsteps as a photographer, but professionally. It's led me to where I am today. 

I've photographed everything from youth sports to corprate events to alpine spires to ducks... too many ducks. But I found that my favorite subjects were always the ones who displayed the most love: families, and couples. Even though my mom was passionate about photography, my little family never had a family photo. There were other priorities, and when my parents got divorced the concept flew out the window. I believe that's really why I gravitate toward family and couples and love as a whole, because I am not able to look back in time visually and see that love in my own life. I've made it my mission that nobody should feel that way. That's why the artwork I create for you is physical: so that your walls glow with the warmth of people you love, and whether you're feeling up or down you can always gaze at them and be reminded of those that are most important in your life.   

At heart, I am a people person. I love sharing stores, swapping tips, and meeting new individuals. It's why I'm boutique! Booking a session with me means making a new friend. As I guide you through the process, I strive to learn all about you and your family: what makes your kids giggle with joy? Your favorite activities? What memory makes you warm on the inside?

I firmly believe that behind every set of eyes is the narrative of a human- and that's why portraits are so special to me. To be trusted to tell that story through a lens is one of the highest honors I can imagine. A photograph not only captures the images of people, but also who those people are at that moment in time. And that's what I aim to immortalize with every shot. 

You can find me on top of a mountain somewhere, hugging a cactus, or sifting through hundreds of records looking for that one rare gem. My favorite food is hot wings, favorite band The Beatles, favorite activity hiking, and favorite dumb thing I own: a plush bread. 

I recently moved to Arizona from Colorado for the purposes of new adventures and backgrounds for my photography. It's so beautiful here, I could live outside with my camera! I'd absolutely love to make some memories for you in this gorgeous state of ours. 

A little about me. 

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